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Police and Fire Income Tax


At Firefighter Income Tax all we do is prepare income taxes for police officers and firefighters. We are very good at it. Our specialized knowledge and extensive deduction list will get you the maximum refund possible. We help you structure your finances so that you can deduct many of the things you already enjoy, such as travel or a vacation home. With a little planning, many things become tax deductible. Police officers and firefighters have unique professions and need someone well versed in the extensive tax benefits available to public safety employees.


We are open all year round in the event that you get an inquiry letter from the IRS or just have a question about how an addition to the family may affect your tax situation. We provide our clients with quarterly e-newsletters giving updates on current tax legislation and offer some suggestions that will help reduce your tax liability throughout the year.


Our unique approach will almost always reduce your tax liability significantly more than the cost of our services. We typically save our clients thousands over non-specialized tax accountants. Our prices are competitive, usually between $250.00 and $300.00 for Police Officer and Firefighter families.. Our client’s dependant children filing separate tax returns are usually an additional $75.00.  We also offer mobile/in-home service for clients who are unable to make it in to the office.


We can also represent you in the unlikely event of an IRS audit, whether we prepared your taxes or not. Please call us if you are considering a change in tax professionals. Questions and consultations are always free.


Firefighter Income Tax 1914 s. Pacific Coast Highway Suite 203

Redondo Beach, California 90277